Client Service Department

North American Recovery’s client service team understands every aspect of our operation; they will be your direct link to our company. If you have any questions regarding the day-to-day activities on your accounts, anyone in our client service team can promptly resolve your concerns.

We are proactive by holding regular client-service meetings. Additionally, senior management meets with all employees who have a client-service aspect in their job. During these meetings, we discuss all client-service related issues. This allows us to be on the same page and to be aware of any special situations with a specific client or their accounts

Some of the topics we discuss in these meetings include:

  • Are North American Recovery's monthly reports pertinent, and are they providing the necessary detail?
  • Is there any information or statistics we could provide that we aren't?
  • Has there been any positive or negative feedback from clients?
  • How does our recovery rate compare to the client’s other agencies this month?
  • What are the greatest challenges facing the client in the next year?

Each member of North American Recovery’s Client Service department receives and logs all inbound client calls and monitors response time for resolution and follow-up. We do this to ensure that we handle all your inquiries promptly and properly. Our senior management reviews all client service interaction on a regular basis.

We are confident that—by assertively seeking regular feedback from you and by maintaining our ongoing accountability and our effort to improve our service—we are providing you with exceptional quality and performance.

All of this ensures we remain a user-friendly agency, always focused on making your job easier. We are not satisfied with our performance unless we have produced results that are beyond your expectations and your staff finds us to be the most cooperative, professional, efficient, and congenial agency they have ever worked with.