Legal Action

We made telephone calls, we sent letters, we skiptraced; we used our talents and abilities, and we finally found the consumer. Nevertheless, to our dismay, he refuses to pay. Now what do we do? It is our belief that the most effective collection agency is one that is willing to take legal action when warranted. In fact, our willingness to sue a consumer is another one of the main reasons our recovery rate is more than double the national average!

However, it is not just that we are willing to sue a consumer; it is more about how we do it. What do we mean by that? Well, just like with the way we do everything else, we set a very high standard, create detailed policies and procedures to ensure compliance, show proper respect for the consumer, and then execute on the process each day with determination and a real focus on excellence.

Another big reason for our success has to do with the fact that our law firm works exclusively for us. We are their only client. They have designed their entire company around suing our consumers, and it really makes a difference. Since they do not have the distractions that come with trying to juggle multiple clients, they can develop a process that is efficient, effective, and truly gets results.

They work so closely with us that they have actually designed many of their policies and procedures by using ours as a guideline. One example is when we started recording all of our calls. They immediately saw a benefit in this practice and purchased their own recording device. They have seen the success we have had with our training, and so they have designed similar training programs and techniques. Moreover, since we are their only client, they truly care about every one of our wishes and desires when it comes to taking legal action on our accounts. This translates into a seamless system when it comes time to sue a consumer, and for our clients, it means a much better experience with legal accounts and, in turn, more money collected!