Skip Tracing

We believe one of our strong points is our skip tracing ability. We do not rely on some fancy database, the newest dialer, the latest greatest "interface" or "scrubbing" an account to find people. These technologies-while we use them and admit that they are advantageous-do not produce the results that a good, old-fashioned skip tracer does. What is the reason for this? It is the human element. We teach our collectors proven skip tracing techniques that allow them to connect with people in a real way, and this connection results in us obtaining information from third parties that other collection agencies could only dream of.

So how do we do this? Well, it has a lot to do with the time, effort and techniques we use to train our collectors. We do more than just give them a script and throw them on the phone. We truly help them understand the psychology behind a skip tracing call and continually work with them until they have developed exceptional skip tracing skills. When a prospective client listens to one of our skip-tracers it literally puts a smile on their face because they are so impressed with the skill and ability exhibited. Therefore, while talking to a consumer is a vital talent-and one our collectors excel at-so is skip tracing.

Skip tracing should not be separated from "collecting." Do not be fooled by other agencies when they tell you that skip tracing and collections should be separate. Skip tracing is an integral part of collecting and those agencies that separate the two actually complicate the collection process. This happens because a collector starts to become a drone and is not able to look at what is going on with the consumer from a "big picture" point of view. They simply sit at a dialer, read the same script repeatedly, and lose their ability to think and react to anything outside of the "standard" call. Our collectors, on the other hand, are always talking to neighbors, friends, relatives, property owners, bosses, and co-workers. In addition, these conversations help the collector develop a sense of who this consumer is, what is going on in the consumer's life, and why they have not paid their bill. Without this skip tracing knowledge, a collector is much less effective when they finally talk to a consumer. However, since our collectors have spent the time skip tracing, and understand who the consumer is, they know exactly how to handle the consumer from the very beginning of the call and that is one of the reasons we collect more money.

The best skip tracer is a motivated collector. It just works better that way.