Bringing Personalized Patient Care Back Into the Billing and Collections Model


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There is an aspect of the physician billing and collection model that, quite frankly, is broken.

We have a solution.


An Interim Billing Solution.

Our Interim Billing Solution is a first party, pre-collect step in between the billing company, and a traditional collection agency. This service inserts “customer care” back into the billing and collection model. It resolves the outstanding patient responsibility portion of a bill BEFORE involving a collection agency. It virtually eliminates patient frustrations regarding billing and collection issues and dramatically improves overall patient satisfaction with the entire billing process.

The relationship between the physician and patient has always been one of the core values in the American healthcare system. This relationship should extend well beyond the clinical visit. Our interim billing solution does just that.

  • We identify and resolve patient billing or payment issues.
  • We integrate with your existing billing company—you don’t have to change providers.
  • We have the most progressive commission schedule in the market which decreases your costs, and returns more money back to your practice—while still providing the type of patient care you truly want.
  • Finally, a solution that provides the one-on-one customer service every patient deserves, and at the right time in the billing cycle.

Instead of having your accounts pass directly from your Billing Company to a traditional Collection Agency, our interim billing solution inserts an additional first-party “soft approach.” This process identifies those patients who want to pay, but need personalized attention and help to overcome obstacles. Our service prevents patient frustrations, identifies data deficiencies and/or mistakes in the billing or demographic details, and solves these issues before a collection agency is involved.

The result is:

  • Better public relations
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • More money back into your practice.

It’s the type of in-depth patient billing care that’s missing in today’s market, and exactly what’s needed.

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