First-Party Customer Care Calls: How They Work

We begin by taking the same file your billing company has been sending to your collection agency. We load those accounts into our Interim Billing Solution system and start making first-party CUSTOMER CARE calls—not collection calls.

  • We make “soft” customer care calls once a week, every week, for ninety days.
  • We do not report anything to any credit bureaus during this 90-day period.
  • When we call, we use your name, and handle all aspects of the exchange as your representative. We also record all calls for quality control. (You can listen to these calls anytime.)
  • We provide detailed audits, showing you the day and time we called each of your accounts.

We call with the goal of identifying those patients who want to pay but were confused, had a misunderstanding, or something else happened to delay payment. We work with these patients to resolve their issues and do whatever is necessary to ensure payment will be made. These are NOT collection calls. They are patient-care calls that identify and resolve items that prevent timely payment.

We call once a week—every week—until we’ve:

  1. Talked to the patient and resolved any insurance or billing issues.
  2. Established an on-going payment arrangement with the patient.
  3. Determined the phone number for the patient is disconnected or incorrect.
  4. Ninety days have elapsed.

At the 90-day mark, we review each account.  If a patient hasn't paid or set up a payment plan, she is sent to the collection agency. We’ve found ninety days to be the optimal amount of time to identify those patients who want to pay from those who don’t—those are the ones who won’t ever pay unless a collection agency gets involved.

It’s as simple as that.

A first-party customer care call, once a week for three months. When we talk to a patient, we give them the care, concern, and attention you would if you were on the phone with them.

If you want:

  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Reduced patient complaints and frustrations
  • Increased revenue for your practice

This is exactly the solution you’re looking for.

The first-party customer care call service provided by North American Recovery is the best thing to happen in the physician billing and collection industry in years.

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