Pre-Placement Implementation Plan

Once we have established the details of our working relationship, we will prepare an implementation plan. This plan will ensure that we incorporate the things that you have determined are important to you and your organization into our standard operating procedures, and that we deliver on your definition of the ideal collection agency relationship.

Once we have incorporated the implementation plan into our standard operating procedures, we ensure a seamless transition by conducting daily audits and reviews of the plan for the first 90 days. These audits will allow us to discover—very early—if we require any modifications to the original plan.

It is important that we also work very closely with you during this implementation period and beyond so that we can smooth out any "bumps in the road" to your satisfaction. We accomplish this goal by doing the following:

  1. Your sales representative will report to you the results of our ongoing analysis and review of our procedures. His feedback will detail the results of our senior management meetings where we have reviewed our collection procedures and made any necessary changes. These changes are reviewed with the sales representative AND our individual department managers, collectors, and staff. We encourage feedback from our staff during these meetings so that all employees feel empowered to effect positive, long-lasting results for our clients.
  2. All of our standard auditing and monitoring systems will provide feedback and necessary data on a daily basis to management.