Daily Training Methods

Once our collectors complete their initial training and they are ready to start doing their job, they are required to attend daily training classes. These informational sessions usually last about an hour and provide specific training and feedback on various topics.

At North American Recovery, training involves much more than lecturing and passive listening. Our interactive classes often involve using a 100-inch projection screen and the accompanying sound system. The trainer replays specific calls in front of the group and actually projects our collection program up on the screen, showing collectors how to perform specific tasks.

What happens if a collector misses a meeting? We record each meeting. We send these recorded meetings to any employee who was absent. We also save each recording in our computer system for future use. By listening to the recording, it is as if the employee had attended the meeting in person!

These training meetings keep our collectors on the same page, which is a huge benefit for our clients. Daily training allows us to address any concerns our clients might have about how we are working their accounts. We also routinely invite prospective clients to sit in on these meetings so they can see just how we train our collectors. The clients who have attended have been very impressed.