Monthly Reviews

In addition to our initial and daily training programs, the owner of our company, Dave Saxton, and each department supervisor, conduct monthly personal reviews with all employees. These reviews serve several purposes. First, they give top management the opportunity to spend time getting to know each employee personally. We believe it is critical that the owner of the company and the operations manager know each employee on a personal level. This allows for a true, open exchange of ideas and frustrations. This is important because unless top management truly knows what is working and what is not, we cannot fix it.

Next, these meetings also give management the opportunity to thank each person for their hard work and dedication. This is something that Dave Saxton firmly believes is important. No matter how much time it takes, he always tells each employee how appreciated they are. This harkens back to our belief in taking care of our employees. We strongly feel that it is important that people hear a thank you now and then.

Finally, it provides management with the opportunity to analyze every aspect of each employee's performance. This allows for open, honest feedback—both positive and negative—and this is what truly helps an employee grow and improve.