General Employee Hiring Practices

The growth of North American Recovery throughout the years has been a direct result of our concentration on quality collection techniques AND exceptional client service. Hiring smart, passionate, energetic people—who have the correct disposition for each job—has also been a big reason for our success. Not everyone can work for a collection agency, and we understand that. Instead of trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole, we invest time up front to ensure someone is not only the "best and brightest," but also possesses the correct psychological makeup necessary to succeed in this industry.

To ensure we hire the right people, we have developed an extensive interview process that starts with a prospective employee filling out an application and submitting a resume. Once an applicant’s qualifications have been thoroughly reviewed and it is determined they meet our initial requirements, they take a series of skills and personality tests. These tests help provide more indicators as to their disposition for that particular job. As previously mentioned, we understand that not everyone can work in the collection industry, and we use these tests as one tool in helping us determine if the employee will be the right fit. The personality test also helps us gauge an individual's honesty level to ensure that we are hiring individuals with the highest levels of integrity.

Those who score correctly according to our company standards are called in for an interview with a member of our Senior Management Team. In this initial interview, we describe the specifics of the job that they are applying for in detail. We want a prospective employee to know what they are applying for and have a full understanding of what they will be doing before they are hired. This interview helps to ensure that an individual not only has the correct skill set and disposition but also has the right mindset and expectations for what they will be doing as a member of our team.

Once it has been determined that an applicant has the necessary skills to succeed in the collection industry, they are asked to come in for a final interview with a second member of our Senior Management Team. In this interview, the applicant is asked specific questions designed to gain an even better understanding of the individual's personality and disposition towards collections. The answers to these questions help us further determine whether or not they will succeed in the collection industry and as a member of our team at North American Recovery. After the final interview is conducted, and it is established that an applicant meets our criteria, they must still pass a criminal background check, a credit check, and a pre-employment drug test that screens for illegal drug use as well as abuse of prescription drugs. If an applicant passes all of the final tests, they will be invited to join our company!

Once an employee starts working for us, Dave and the members of the Senior Management Team take time to meet with each employee once a month. These meetings allow management to get to know each employee in our company and provide individual feedback, training, advice, and encouragement. This meeting also gives our employees a chance to share their points of view and a way for their voice to be heard within the company. These factors combine to ensure consistent, excellent performance. In fact, our clients will tell you that our service is one of the best aspects of working with us. A true testament to hiring the right kind of people.